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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

What a day!

Sadly the snow here had cleared, so I had no excuse to miss school.
Happily, my boyfriend was off work so came with me to Edinburgh.

He dropped me at school, then drove off to do his own thing. I called him to say if he wasn't too far away he should come back as 2 of my pupils were off today........ he replied that he'd broken down 20 miles away. Aagh.

The clutch had gone. He was left to struggle to get home. I was faced with the problem of how to get to my 2nd school, then home, then to Brownies.

Around this time I received a text saying my assistant brownie leader isn't well so won't be there tonight.

4 buses and 2 trains later I am home. Tired.

But we're on the guest list at King Tut's tonight so that's cool!


The Guider said...

Wow, you are way more resilient than me, Brownies would definitely be cancelled if I had to face that.

I do remember going on holiday to France in my Clio, from Leicestershire, driving around for 2 weeks, then driving back...and the clutch going 4 miles from home!

The Guider said...

And I LOVE King Tuts. I am so old I remember when it was Saints and Sinners!

TopChamp said...

Guider - 4 miles from home - lucky! Imagine if it had gone in France... It's expensive to repair though!

Gig was very cool too. The band were ace.

The Guider said...

Glad you had a good time at King Tuts. No more snow here yet, though it is forecast for tomorrow...

Bond said...

Your day sounds like my week...frustrating...but you got to go to the club- WOO

Travis said...


TopChamp said...

Bond - see when the band releases its single I'm sending it your way for review! (no pressure)

Trav - Ha. Good word!