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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Curry Night

Today my friends came round to tea and we made real proper curry from a curry recipe book.

The day before I had made some potato cakes with spinach and spices: turmeric, chilli etc. My friend had made a basic curry sauce from her new book - which we needed to use for both curry recipes we had chosen. Also after the onion chopping mushing stage the book tells you to hold some sauce back so you can cook the meat in it later.

Yesterday my boyfriend picked my friend up from her house on the other side of the city. He drove back and picked me up from work, then headed home. We arrived around quarter to 5 and went straight in to begin cooking.

We cooked for 2.25hrs and managed to make: Potato things *can't remember their name*, naan bread *peshwari and plain*, chilli sauce, egg fried rice (wouldn't have been my choice with curry), Chicken Jhool and Lamb Ghost.... very nice!

This morning I have had Chicken Jhool and rice for breakfast, consoling myself with the idea that they would have cury for breaky in Thailand. Not SO convincing - still think it's greedy really!


Bond said...

Never been a big fan of curry ...but glad you got to enjoy the cooking and eating

TopChamp said...

Bond - it's always fun cooking with a friend and it isn't something I get to do often. Usually I'm cooking by myself or eating junk because I'm busy... so this was a delight.

Travis said...

I don't like spicy curries, but I do enjoy the tang of a mild one. We got a curry sauce last time at the grocery but we haven't tried it yet. We'll have to try it this week.