one step at a time.

Monday, August 10, 2009

i am late organising myself AGAIN

TC's plan to organise herself today:
Finish bingo game.
Plan Brownie Camp properly.
Plan Brownie term.
Plan Centenary Party.
Practise the trumpet.
Play Monopoly bingo game to test it!


Strictly said...

Ooh, Brownie camp, I am jealous. When and where?

Bond said...

Good luck with the game

CountryDew said...

Practicing the trumpet sounds like the best part.

TopChamp said...

Strictly - Gartocharn, September weekend. Really underplanned and permission for camping not actually done yet...

Bond - game is done. Haven't tested it. Fingers crossed it's what they were after.

Countrydew - It was fun. A friend came to stay (didn't really believe she would as she hasn't actually made it down here for YEARS) and we practised together. That is WAY more fun than solo practising.

Travis said...

Monopoly Bingo? That sounds interesting.