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Saturday, August 22, 2009


I like food. I like cooking and eating food.

This morning after only 4 hrs sleep I got all muddled up and had lunch for breakfast....

I had a beef sandwich with picalilli mustard pickle stuff.

Now it's nearly lunchtime (something I am considering because I'm hungry again) and I think perhaps it's cereal o'clock.

I have had a madly busy morning hiding from Jehovah's Witnesses and watching Saturday Kitchen on tv with the work I should be doing untouched on the sofa beside me. See what I said about this year being a good one??


Strictly said...

Hey there- replying to your comment on my blog.

Best theme? It has to be Inside Out and Upside Down.

Here's some of the stuff we did:

Wear tops backwards (bottoms was too uncomfortable).

All the signs written backwards (with the exception of in the kitchen for safety reasons).

All the name badges backwards.

Eat meals at the wrong time (eg breakfast at lunchtime) and in the wrong order (eg pud first).

Design posters for their six - blue tack paper to the underneath of a table and they have to lie on the floor to do it.

Backwards Olympics (backwards running races etc).

At bedtime, I read Green Eggs and Ham backwards.

TopChamp said...

Ha! Jen I think you are ace. How did you come up with that one?!!

Travis said...

I like eating food too, and I don't mind cooking it although I'm not terribly sophisticated at it.

Bond said...

Time on the clock is no matter...when your appetite calls for a food, you should indulge it...