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Saturday, August 01, 2009

Positive Day (a bit late)

I missed Positive Day! This may not sound like the most positive start to a Positive Day post. I missed Positive Day because my frend called and we went out straight after work. I have great friends - Positive Point 1.

We went to a pub I love, then I texted a friend to ask what she was up to - she replied to say she was working in a pub nearby but was bored. We decided to drop inn. We arrived and she was having a really bad day. So we stayed until she was happy again. Positive Point 2 - Friends can really brighten up a dull day.

A few months ago after I had been very busy with work I made a resolution to put friends a bit higher up my list of priorities. It is easy when you are tired to make excuses and to go home rather than seeing people you like. Fight it! Go out and meet people. Or call them. Keep in touch the best way you can. Friends make life more fun x

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TopChamp said...

I got the typo there - just thought it was too funny to remove. Inn... freudian?

Gattina said...

Good advice ! I organized my time between virtual and real friends, only virtual would be a little boring, can't go out with them, lol !
Yes I will go to a friend living in Eastbourne at the English coast. Wish me good weather the place is so beautiful ! I go there each year.

TopChamp said...

Gattina - I most certainly wish you good weather but you might be out of luck as we have had a met office statement suggesting lots of rain may be on its way.... sorry!

Travis said...

Now it sounds like you've got priorities in order. That's definitely a positive thing.

Thanks for participating!

Happy Positive Day!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my playground I appreciate it. Sounds like a wonderful time and a great positive post. Excellent. Aloha :)