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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Letter Writing Question - help required

When I am writing to the parents of my Brownies I start the letter:

Dear Parents (as I know all mine are going to the parent rather than a guardian),

My question is - How should I end the letter? Yours faithfully seems too formal.


Strictly said...

I usually write Best Wishes, if that helps

Mrs Successful said...

The only time you would end the letter Yours faithfully is if you started it in a formal way writing Dear Sir or Dear Madam.

If you write
Dear Parent,
Dear Mrs Magillicuddy,
Dear Ann,John etc it would end Yours sincerely.

Those are the rules. However, I think Best wishes, Best regards, Warm or Kind regards are becoming more commonplace and perfectly acceptable as an alternative to 'Yours sincerely' and are probably kinder to people youd like to bond with. You're doing a great job anyway - keep it up!xx

Bond said...

Best wishes


In Brownies we trust

Travis said...

One can never go wrong with "Sincerely" or "Regards".