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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Spongebob Pack Holiday

We have had our planning meeting and the pack holiday is now sorted! Our theme is Spongebob Squarepants.

On pack holiday the kids will arrive on Friday night. They will unpack, make their beds etc, do a craft, have supper.

We will then have a campfire in pjs(sing song) and they will go to bed where I imagine they will giggle and whisper and talk until one of us goes and tells them to shut it (politely). Repeat the last action ad lib.

Saturday - they will be up at the crack of dawn but I will not break until 7.30am.

In the morning our main activity is a treasure hunt to the Loch. Do you think a hunt with clues for directions or a treasure hunt where they collect items and get prizes for the biggest, smoothest, greenest items is more fun?

In the afternoon we have a craft/game with fishes that my Mum taught me - very cool. We will also have some outdoor games and hopefully some duck bobbing (ducks and hooks etc).

Sunday - Only activity is outdoor games but we have lots of crafts. They will also do a fair bit of tidying and packing.

Craft ideas so far on a Spongebob theme.

Squidward Tentacles windsock. Glue some white nylon or crepe paper depending how much nylon fabric costs into a tube with a pipecleaner ring glued into one end. Draw on eyes and glue on tentacles from ribbon or crepe paper. Tie string to the wire on either side then to a stick. Take it outside when it dries - bingo.

Spongebob Squarepants - using those yellow sponges they have in the supermarket. No idea beyond that and I've left it to someone else to crack this one.

Fish Game - Cut big fishes from thick card with a hole punched in the end. Colour them in with pens with red or blue as the main colour. Tie a length of string to the fish and attach a cardboard spindle to the other end of the string. Mix them all up so girls get a fish at random. Unwind the wool so the fish are on the opposite side of the room then hold heats - the kids wind as fast as they can - first fish wound in wins. Have a semi-final, then a final to establish winner. Other kids have to cheer for one colour (prob the one they had themselves) and you can have a commentator too.

Other Crafts: Fimo modelling, bookmarks, posters.

They also have in the diary I swiped and re-jigged some wordsearches, colouring pages, word scrambles, space for drawing etc.

This will take place at the end of September and it's my test camp. Fingers crossed as I handed the permission form in late and don't actually know whether I can get the tester there that weekend yet.


Bond said...

Looks organized...good luck and hopefully it will all work out.

Travis said...

If I was a kid, I'd say you have a fun time planned.