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Thursday, July 26, 2007


I'm slightly embarassed posting this today, as it's gonna let slip that I had GMTV on in the background to my blog-hop this morning. For those who don't know GMTV suffice to say it's rubbish.

However, they had this guy on this morning and he is quite pretty.... I thought that you might like him too. He's an Icelandic singer called Cortes. I was listening to this reading Kyra's blog... cheery.


Bond said...

interesting voice...thanks for sharing

Julie said...

She's up at the top of the waterfall and then he looks you think she jumped? Very beautiful!

the108 said...

ooooh.... gotta love pretty, Icelandic

Does this mean that this is my theme song??

Travis said...

He does have an interesting voice. The scenery is quite attractive.

Coco said...

Pretty, and with a voice like melted chocolate ... which brings all sorts of inappropriate thoughts to mind.

Hugs, TC. Sorry I've been gone so long. Hope you're well.

Gattina said...

I am doing my sunday morning walk through blogville and am listening to this wonderful voice. For once a good singer is also handsome and not fat !!