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Friday, July 20, 2007

Partick Thistle 2 - 0 Falkirk

Last night my boyfriend and I went to watch Partick Thistle football team play Falkirk. My office job company is currently sponsoring the team, so they get tickets for some matches. We were given hospitality tickets, and were fairly excited as we have had no money ALL month so haven't been out since mid June.

The info from work said that there would be a finger buffet and I got a pass for the bar.

We arrived and hung around outside for a while as I couldn't remember the instructions for where we go in. After a while I gave up and phoned my Mum to ask her to break into my e-mail and get the details. We found we were to go in through the main entrance in the new stand.

When we went through and said that I worked for Resolution we were ushered immediately upstairs, and through into the bar. Fab!

I was a bit shy as I wasn't sure quite what was going on, but everyone was welcoming and we got ourselves a couple of drinks. We were then told that there was food, and we moved to the nicely laid tables.

We were given a whole dinner - Chilli with salad & bread. We were offered wine etc until kick off when we moved out to the stand.

Partick Thistle have been my favourite team for years, as we used to live near the stadium. It was great to see them play again (haven't been for years).

At half-time we were offered meat pies and coffee or tea.

In the 2nd half Partick Thistle scored twice... and Falkirk did not! Ha ha.

After the match there was a free bar again, but we had to get home so only had one quick drink before heading home.

It was GREAT!

I also have tickets for Tuesday. I'm not sure whether we get hospitality for this match, but I'm looking forward to it anyway. I don't have a gig on Weds/Thurs next week so should be able to make better use of the freebies if we do get the bar.... Fingers crossed x

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Travis said...

Sounds fabulous! Glad you had a good time.