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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #18

In a SHOCKING turn of events....... Thirteen HOLIDAY SNAPS! (sorry x)

It's Wild Carrot!

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Ed said...

Great shots. I envy you being cool enough for a jacket. Our low last night was78.


Malcolm said...

Thanks for sharing those snaps. Those last 4 were especially awesome!

Qtpies7 said...

Nice pics, thanks for sharing!
happy TT.

Dana said...

Beautiful pictures!

Suprina said...

Beautiful pictures!
Wonderful Thursday Thirteen.

mama kelly said...

Lovely pictures, looks like a beautiful holiday

Happy Th 13

Mama Kelly

OpenChannel said...

I just cruised in here from exploring the Thursday 13 site and you're the first I've seen post a visual 13. Great idea. I really like the marble texture of that rock.

How do you get that autolink thingy?

I'm funny in an improv kinda way, but I'm the worst joke teller. Plus, all the ones I do know are pretty, um, inappropriate...

Toni said...

I am counting down the days until we go to the beach (23)~ your pictures are making me anxious! ;)
Happy T13!

Air Force Wife
Special K Family
Check out my contest!

Travis said...

Excellent snaps. Is that one of a coast guard helicopter?

TopChamp said...

Ed,Thanks! It's funny that we usually sit envious of those with some heat.... constant rain we get here. (1 sunny day in the last 3 weeks)

Malc, QT, dana, TY, Suprina, Mama K!

Openchannel - Cheers! The autolinky is from Smutty jokes? Go on - gimme one! (and now my mind is FULL of filth).

Toni - Hope you have a great time when you make it there!

Trav - nice to see you! It is indeed the coastguard. It looked like a practise run. I HOPE it was a training session. The weather this day was awful.

julie said...

Oh wow! I'm so glad I stopped here..gorgeous pictures dear!

I thought it looked like Yarrow or Queen's Anne's Lace. Very pretty!

Taking a picture from inside a cave...what a cool image!

Mother of Invention said...

Excellent pics! I love the cliff and ocean best and the sunset.