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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Diversimode Gig

We held a rehearsal on Friday for our concert. We have been working & researching the programme for a while so it was just time for a runthrough.

After listening to the Scottish tunes played by our cellist look what happened to the soprano! (ok so it may have been more to do with the late nights and early train journey)

Fortunately our performance did not induce our audience to sleep and it seemed to go down quite well!

It was throroughly enjoyable - and I love getting audience feedback that is positive.
Country Dew & Caty have asked whether I have any clips they could hear. I've been busy (as regular readers will know is pretty much always the case) so have not managed to get together with the guys for a recording session for a LOOOONG time.
I have some clips from shortly after we formed. They're decidedly dodgy and please believe me when I tell you that we're much improved!! However if you do still want to hear them the link is:


Travis said...

Congrats on your success!

CountryDew said...

It sounds wonderful. Is there any way you could put something up so we could all hear your band?

the108 said...

That's awesome!!

Bond said...