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Monday, December 04, 2006


Hello - I've spent HOURS working out how get tracks uploaded onto the internet. Just click on the links & hit the play button (maybe twice).

The recordings are by Diversimode - the early music group I play with. We've entered a competition and have chosen these pieces... Recording quality not ideal but given our resources it's not too bad.

This one's called Genius of England - it's by H. Purcell for trumpet, soprano & continuo.

This is called Sauny the Scot. It's music from a theatre piece by D. Purcell. This is two short songs that follow each other in the play. It's based on the Taming of the Shrew. In the first piece a Scot (cleverly called 'Jocky') knocks up the maiden. In the second she laments becoming involved (and pregnant).

This is the dodgiest. It's a set of variations called 'Simon ye King' from the Division Violin - played on Cornett, running into another piece for 'cello and continuo called 'Hit her on the Bum'.


Bond said...

TC... is this you playing the horn?
That click and comment Monday looks cool...but ya know I have the Matinee on Monday's!

Coco said...

Awesome - love Purcell. I thought that I heard Baroque trumpet here when I first came. Is that your specialization? I noticed you also did a Messiah - bet that was super. Sets up the Christmas season just the right way.

Annelisa said...

these I'd love to listen to... but it's 3am, and I've got to be up in a couple of hours - I'll be back! :-D