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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Didn't post this on time - not sure if I should post anything.

Kandi has a funny eye today. Her lower eyelid (the one that moves sideways that you don't see) has stuck across her eye and her cheek seems more swolen than it has been. She doesn't seem bothered at all - but it worries me. Will call the vets... She has a tumour on her cheek, so I suspect it's grown.


Anonymous said...

I cannot comment officially, because Google doesn't allow "old" Bloggers to comment on Beta and this since yesterday. Now I just had the idea to comment "anonymous" (it's me Gattina)
I am so sorry about your cat that's terrible. I hope the vet can do something. I cross the fingers and it doesn't matter for "Cats on Tuesday" just participate whenever you like or it's possible !

TopChamp said...

Cheers! I'd have guessed it was you Gattina x

p.s. It has been doing this for Annelisa too til she switched to beta.