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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #7

Thirteen things I've found in my Mum's kitchen today. Not a lot of thought into this one - sorry but priorities elsewhere x

1. Tito - their tabby cat

2. Chicken breasts

3. Smoked salmon (yum)

4. Salad

5. WINE (and lots of it!)

6. Swedish Meatballs

7. Pork pie (partial)

8. Ham which looks ready for cooking (and made me excited at the thought)

9. Baileys (more booze)

10. A pig that grunts when you open the fridge. I've only been home a couple of hours - it didn't take me long to find the pig....

11. TV

12. Stereo thing (wee one)

13. Sherry (you may notice there are a few different types of alcohol here. It's by no means the whole list!!)

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Diana said...

Enjoy a glass of sherry!

Travis said...

A wee drop of spirits might be just the thing.

**wonders what might be in my kitchen**

Annelisa said...

How did I miss this post??? It's a cracker!! Almost better than what's in your own kitchen... like we're exploring it together :-)