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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

always on the run

As ever I'm about to shoot off elsewhere but I thought I'd just try to jot down a few things that we've been up to before I forget them all... (I'm a true believer that my head has a capacity, after which all new memories must push out some old ones.)

So: Saturday - Newcastle Baroque gig - Gabrielli, Bassano, Monteverdi. All Saints Church, Quayside Newcastle
Sunday - Ludus Baroque - Christmas Oratorio (Bach), Canongate Kirk Edinburgh
Monday - rehearsals for Praetorius gig, Sherbrook St Gilberts Church Glasgow
Today - Dunedin Consort - Messiah (Handel) Queens Halls, Edinburgh
Wednesday - Not sure who the choir are - Praetorius stuff Sherbrook St Gilberts Church Glasgow

Thursday - RELAX
Friday - Shop like a maniac
Saturday - Get sorted out food-wise for Christmas (need to buy bread for the sarnies)
Sunday - RELAX (?)
MONDAY - XMAS!!!!!!!!!!

Mum's visit is going well I think - it's nice to see her. I can never actually tell whether she likes the music I play though... she tends to say stuff like 'your dad would have loved that'. Does that then mean it's not really her cup of tea? Fair enough if it isn't - not everyone can like early choral music.

Anyway - many thanks to you all for your comment re: Fat Cat. She's perked up a bit since last week so I think she's pretty comfortable & happy enough. Keeping a close eye on her.

I chatted with my next door neighbour yesterday who is quite upset that Kandi isn't well. They have developed quite a friendship with fat cat following my neigbour loyally around in the hope of attention and possibly some biscuits.

In this picture it appears that our cat has no eyes... she does in fact have eyes. Just in case there was any confusion.


Meow said...

Your cat has beautiful colours. I hope she is doing better. Nothing sadder than an unwell cat. Mine is on anti-biotics at the moment for a urinary infection. If it happens again, we will have tests to see whether she is developing crystals.
Take care, meow

Bond said...


Hope your cat does not suffer.

srp said...

Poor Kandi. I hope she can let you know if she is in pain. It is hard when animals get sick. It is hard to lose them as they manage to dig such deep places in our hearts. All the best to you and Kandi.

Debbie said...

I do hope your cat gets better! Hard to know what to do sometimes when our furry children get sick!

Hope your time with you Mother is special!

burekaboy — said...

hey there, sorry to hear the news about kandinsky :(

sounds like you are REALLY busy over the next week! wishing you all the best for the upcoming holiday. :))

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Your music sounds so wonderful. It must be so amazing to have that talent! I wish I were good at something. ~sigh.

Turnbaby said...

Hope Kandi is doing as well as possible. It's so hard. Glad visit is good.