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Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #5

Thirteen things I'll miss this Christmas as we're staying up North this year (in no order before anyone gets offended!!):

My wee sister dressing up as the Christmas fairy to give out the presents. OK, so she hasn't actually dressed up for years but I loved it when she did.

Bucks Fizz at breakfast!!

Santa bringing my stocking in the night, although last year he was a bit frightening as he'd included a CD called 'bedroom baroque' which had baroque music and massage oils packaged together with a promise to.. um.... well - make you a happier girl! Somehow wrong from the fat man in red.

Mum's bread sauce & ham.

Obviously Mum & Dad themselves.

My folks putting up a dead Christmas tree worthy of Phoebe's tree saving episode in friends. Last year's was particularly noteworthy.

My sister colluding with me to persuade Dad to open as much wine in one day as humanly possible.

My brother & his games & DVDs. He's a veritable library!

Playing trumpet/piano with my family as a group (realise this is geeky & sad). Usually from the books Mum buys us as presents.

The Mitre, my old local. (pub)

My schoolfriends who are usually around for a pint or two over the holidays.

The assortment of festive food! I don't even want to cook xmas dinner for us this year. My boyfriend's generous offer was that we could have sandwiches. Not "I'll make us sandwiches..." so I assume I'd be making them myself.

Board Games. Actually - maybe not as they're usually really dull and I am a bad loser.

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Coco said...

Wonderful, TC. You have some beautiful traditions in your family. Your "music with the family" sounds a little like the "kitchen parties" that we have around here, except everyone in the community usually shows up with their fiddle or spoons or harmonica. Where approximately is "up north"? I love Scotland and dream of returning there someday to visit. My mother's family originated in a little place called Ayr. Believe it's on the west coast but don't remember exactly, as I was quite young the last time we visited.

suki said...

It's too bad that you will be missing all those lovely Christmas traditions. If I missed hanging out with the family, it'd be mostly due to the FOOD...

Deanna said...

My parents Christmas tree has been an ongoing joke for a loooong time as well!! LOL
I've put up my Christmas wish list for my TT if you wanna come check it out

Annelisa said...

Oh, to have all those things to miss!

With my dad long gone, and my mum in a home now, I know we're never going to have our childhood Christmases again :-(

We used to celebrate Christmas on Christmas eve (following my mum's Danish traditions)

1) Christmas dinner on Christmas Eve
2) Presents arriving under the tree after Christmas Dinner
3) Sitting round the tree, and taking it in turns to close eyes and pick one out
4)My Dad & Mum canoodling on the sofa whilst we ripped off wrapping paper
5)Leaving out the mince pie, sherry and carrot
6)Finding crumbs in the morning
7)Feeling a weight at the end of the bed on your feet when you wake up
8)Comparing all the contents with brother and two sisters
9)Spending the morning playing games, with the smell of chicken/ turkey developing throughout the morning (we also celebrated the English Christmas! :-D)
10)Spending hours doing nothing in particular
11)Going for a walk somewhere all together to reduce the lethargy
12)Watching crap tv in the evening, even though there's nothing on, and we had loads of other things to do
13)Most of all, I'm going to miss Mum, Dad and my brother!

and now, with a lump in my throat and late for work, I'd better dash!

(ps. Why aren't you going home?)

Annelisa said...

Oh yes, missed out one of the biggest traditions - at the Christmas Eve meal, we always had this special rice pudding, with an almond in - whoever found the almond (it had to be unchewed proof! :-D) won the box of choccies. (Which then had to be shared with everyone anyway, but it was the kudos of winning that counted! :-) )

Caylynn said...

Sorry to hear you won't be spending Christmas with your family. They sound like a fun bunch! My husband and I will be alone this Christmas too (with our new kitten) since all our family is back in Canada, and we're in Munich.

Sandwiches for Christmas? While we won't have a big meal, like we would back home, we do plan on cooking a small holiday meal, probably a turkey breast (an entire turkey would be way too big for the two of us!).

Happy T13. :)

Darla said...

Awwww.... {{{{hugs}}}} it's tough having Christmas away from your family.

And hey, sandwiches can be festive. That's our traditional New Year's Eve dinner--we get big bakery rolls and a variety of sandwich meats, cheeses, and condiments, and have a do-it-yourself sandwich feast.

eevilmidget said...

hey there. you nicely left a comment on my blog. do I know you? If not, hello! How did you come across mine? If yes, erm, how do I know you?

Gette said...

Any pictures of the Christmas fairy??? Christmas Fairy + wine =bonus fun!!!

Gattina said...

He, he nostalgic ? Me too in some way. The best Christmas for me was when we celebrated at my son's in London, with friends. That was fun ! Now he works in Amsterdam and I have to wait until he returns. Meanwhile we are celebrating here at home in Belgium.

Dixiechick said...

I sorry that you will be missing those traditions this year. But I do hope that you have a very Merry Christmas!

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Eeek, I still don't unerstand how this 13 works! But let me just say regardless that I want to volunteer to dress up as a Christmas fairy but I need help understanding what the Chrismas fairy outfit is!

TopChamp said...

Hi Coco: Ayr's about an hour south of me... same side of Scotland. It has a huge long wide sandy beach and lots of places to play when you're a kid.

Suki: Aye - the food featured a few times on my list!

Deanna: Will pop over shortly.

Annelisa: Don't suppose there'll be too many family xmasses to come so I'm sad to miss this one. Yum - rice pud!

Darla, Caylynn, Gattina, Dixie: I'm not going home as my boyfriend is working, so really I'm just sulking. Don't feel too sorry for me!!

Gette & Maryam: No photographic evidence, but it pretty much just consisted of a big pink tutu I made out of net... Truly gorgeous!

Coco said...

For whatever reason, blogger has been frozen by the Department of Education, so I can't update anything - including comments. Had a great TT ready, too. This BITES!! Cool about Ayr, though.

Travis said...

Now I don't think making music with your family during the holidays qualifies as geeky. If you have the talent, then blow I say!!