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Thursday, December 07, 2006

6 Weird Things about Me... or things I've done...

OK then Annelisa - you've asked for it!

1) I play the cornett - and love it!
(me actually playing it... only for a few seconds in between verses...)

2) My second toe is longer than my big toe/first toe. I didn't think this was weird til a Brownie pointed it out one day when I turned up in open toed shoes. You learn from these things though - I have not worn such shoes to a meeting since!

3) I have a terrible memory for the locations of my purse, phone etc. For example: I have left a trumpet in Argos in Manchester, the cornett in a Chinese takeaway in Glasgow and my purse has been all over the place (including a public loo in Chicago). My phone was dropped on a beach in Broughty Ferry (which is a stunning place to visit). All of these have been found/returned to me... which only adds to the weirdness I think!

4) I judge songs within about 3 seconds. If I don't like the opening - off the stereo goes. This is not a good thing - and I'm sure if I were to listen to whole tracks they might grow on me.

5) I have only a passing interest in the news today, but give me the history of a random object and I'm fascinated.

6) I hate long fingernails. And by long I mean longer than 1/2 millimetres above the finger. It drives me nuts and I feel like I want to wash my hands all the time til I cut the nails off.

And I've no doubt that my family & offline friends could add a good hundred more things to this list!

As for tagging folk - Any chance 6 people would like to volunteer? Click on the linky thing - I'll stop it when/if I get to 6


Annelisa said...

It's great you play cornett - I've been meaning to ask whether that was really a trumpet (hmmm maybe I'll have to change your Heroines and Heroes lines...)
That is strange about the things you lost actually getting returned to you... especially the purse and phone! (and how did they know where to return the instruments?)
Reckon everybody makes a judgement about songs - yours is just quicker than most (maybe this simply means you are more sure about what you like?)
history of random objects, ehm, like carrots perhaps? :-D
and I can quite understand the fingernail thingy - they can be unclean if they get too long, cant they? Do you need them short for playing too?

So, all in all... oh, missed the toe thing... apparently (I have this on authority from someone I know with this same phenomena) it isn't that the second toe's longer, but the big toe's shorter? check to see if this might be the case with you :-)

Nah, not too weird...just weird enough to be unique! :-D

Good one!

oh, btw, very clever use of the linky thing! I really wasn't sure who'd be up for doing the tag - that's a good way of doing it.

TopChamp said...

Nah - I reckon your poem's great as it is! (Esp as I do mainly play the trumpet). It is better to have short nails as I find it easier to cover the holes properly, and it's better for piano.

I had to pick the instruments up myself - but was impressed that when I went back they were still there. The Chinese takeaway staff were funny though as they'd had a look in the case and still couldn't work out what they had.

And I liked the tag - cheers!