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Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen #6

Thirteen things I'm looking forward to this Christmas in Scotland.

1. Sleeping in my own bed

2. Watching whatever I like on TV

3. Not having to play trivia games with my family, as I hate them (the games - not the family!).

4. Having the option to stay in my PJ's all day long should I want to.

5. Seeing my boyfriend actually ON Christmas day.

6. Being able to keep an eye on Fat Cat & make sure she's ok.

7. The real possibility of snow.

8. Going for a walk. The scenery for walking is so much more spectacular up here. We're really really close to some beautiful hills and lochs.

9. Watching my boyfriend cook his first Christmas dinner.

10. Restraining myself as far as possible from interfering with the cooking processes. What usually happens is I watch and think 'why are you doing it like that, when it's much easier to..' by which time I've dived in and done it myself. (Cheating here- not sure this is a positive)

11. Having some time in the flat to relax with NOTHING to do.

12. Drinking as much booze as I like guilt-free.

13. Being allowed to open presents WHATEVER TIME WE LIKE! (from 0.01am on the 25th)

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Susan Helene Gottfried said...

Happy TT! may the holiday bring you all these great things. Be good to the boyfriend!

rosie said...

christmas sounds like it will be fun in scotland. I am in australia and let me tell you that the heat and the smoke from bushfires is not really giving that christmas vibe! have a great christmas!

JennIAm said...

Actually, it's coffee and coke, MIXED! It's a smaller portion than a normal 20 oz. bottle. We have Coke Zero too, but it's not AS yummy. Plus, I am a Pepsi fan :)

Dixiechick said...

Sounds like me... Merry Christmas and Happy TT!

Piacere said...

These sound absolutely heavenly, especially the ones about staying in your PJ's all day and doing absolutely nothing AT ALL!! And good luck to your boyfriend as he cooks - oh, that would be a real treat for me, to watch the hubby in the kitchen for a change!!! Have a wonderful Christmas in Scotland - I have my fingers crossed for you and the snow!!!


Bond said...


Carrie said...

it's much too hard for me to watch hubby try to cook. i physically can't restrain myself from helping/taking over. good luck.

thanks for visiting!

Travis said...

Woooooo!! Taking control of your holiday experience - priceless.

Merry Christmas!!

**tosses razzleberries & roasted chestnuts**

Turnbaby said...

Yes--deciding how it will be can bring so much peace!

And I am LOLOL about the cooking


I could no more watch the DH try to cook Christmas Dinner than I could sit through a Katherine McPhee concert....

Meryy Christmas to You and Yours!