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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weekend Cat Blogging

We're in the middle of a bad storm here which means Kandinsky can't settle. She's decided to kip on the stairs tonight to guard her catflap from the strong wind.

I'm impressed by her bravery. Now I know we'll be safe.


Annelisa said...

Was a bit rough and windy last night, wasn't it? Everything was blowing all over the place this morning too, branches down (and trees)... I'm really surprised my washing stayed up! :-)

...well, at least, I think it did (I forgot to check! :-S )

Gattina said...

Here in Belgium too we had a storm and still today it's very windy. Our cats stayed inside, it's raining too ! Hope to read about Kandinsky tomorrow (tuesday, cat day !)

Cat said...

Wind can always sound incredibly scary when you're holed up in a house. I know my cat reacts funky when it's going on outside.

Good to know you have an excellent "watchcat" there.

Caylynn said...

She's adorable! What a good guard kitty. :)

I'll be answering some questions on Sphynx for "Cats on Tuesday" tomorrow, but to answer your question a day early - Sphynx do love to be stroked, just like most other cats. They love attention, and are very affectionate. They feel like a warm chamois to pet. Dragonheart loves sitting in my lap, and being pet.