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Monday, December 11, 2006

Stormy Weather

Gonna just post a quick one as a thunder storm has started so I need to turn the computer off!

Can't believe how bad the weather has been recently - can't remember a day that it hasn't poured.

Senior band gig was OK - and my junior band got to watch, which I was pleased to see. Thought it wasn't going to happen for a while which was ridiculous as they rehearse in the same building.

Busy gig week fast approaching so this is my last week to practise.

Plans for today:
Decorate Christmas Cake for my friend
Teach piano pupils
Go to friend's house for pre-Christmas dinner!

My boyfriend's working late for the whole of December pretty much and seems incapable of rearranging any late shifts at all, so he will need to come later or just not come, depending on what time he gets home.


Gattina said...

I am in the same "bath" as you ! It's raining cats and dogs here in Belgium and it's so stormy since beginning December that nobody could put his Christmas decoration outside. Not even the church or the council it's far too windy. Isn't that horrible ?

TopChamp said...

It's rubbish. It would be so nice to straighten my hair sometimes & go out looking smart (how vain), but I'd be wasting my time with constant rain.

Sorry to hear Belgium's just as bad. Not so surprised to see cats in your description though!!

Coco said...

Um ... TC? You forgot to mention practice! Lol. 'Tis the season. I'm in the same boat, actually. Christmas concerts almost every night for the next two weeks