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Saturday, December 02, 2006

Morning After

OK - firstly the big news is: No Hangover!

I've got a lot of teaching and gigs before Christmas so a night off at the moment is a big deal. And I'm taking advantage of them - no wasting time.

Last night was the Christmas party from my office job. Out of about 40 people in the teams, only 5 from the department came out. (hundreds of bigwig fund managers etc were there though)

It was held in the Science Centre (see photo) and for me was IDEAL. You arrive suitably attired (I had a black&pale gold v-necked camisole top under a black jacket & black trousers with the previously lauded 'beautiful shoes') then you go up the escalator to the actual science centre floor!

You are presented with champagne on arrival - then left to play with the toys. There's a cool display that has buttons in a circle. You press the buttons and a noise plays - as you press around the circle it gets higher or lower (clockwise/anti-clockwise). The cool part is: It never seems to end - it just gets higher and higher and higher... but in reality the note never changes. Weird!
So a couple of champagnes down I head for the spinning roundabout. This one you stand on and you have to roll a ball. Couldn't work out what you were supposed to discover from this so ended up on the roundabout for some time. And felt MOST lightheaded when I climbed off!!

So I'm guessing by now you've got the picture. TC happy playing on fun toys with booze.
They then fed us - fishy starter followed by the obligatory turkey dinner. It was ok. Desert was just being served when a man picked up a microphone and said 'Could you all please stand up. Now I want all of you to either put your hands on your head or on your bottom..'

Now - I don't mind games but I HATE office party type games with people you don't really know. And I had been offered another party to go to. A friend was playing in a band locally and was raising money for charity with a party in a bowling club....

So as I heard the words 'Everybody with their hands on their bums - sit down' I legged it. Properly scarpered.

The second party was in full swing when I arrived. Many thanks to my boyfriend for his taxiing service!!! The band had played but were scheduled to play again. So I found my friends, sat down, ordered my last drink and sat listening to good music, thinking about how cool my pals are and what beautiful shoes I have.

All in all - a great night!

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Maryam in Marrakesh said...

It sounds like a very lovely evening. Mmmmm champagne and good music. But where are the pics of the said beautiful shoes?

Coco said...

Sounds like fun - would love the science centre and champagne ... and the shoes. I love shoes. What do your shoes look like?

-Princess Shin- said...

Oooh.. sounds like u had fun!!! I wanna party too! =( Thanks for dropping by! Take care!

Annelisa said...

What a great idea - a christmas party at one of those touchy-feely science places!! Sounds great! And even better, you managed to get the best o'both parties - cool!

Bond said...

Sits waiting to find out about the shoes!

Loves shoes...