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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen #20

Thursday Thirteen: Thirteen things I would like to do more of/know more about.

  1. Knitting - I have had a go. When I was at school I made a scarf. That's the most I've ever managed.

  2. Sewing - I do this a bit - rarely. I used to do a lot more, make clothes etc. I have used the excuse of not having time for years, but I could probably find the time.

  3. Theatre Music - I studied this a bit at music college. It still fascinates me & I want to know more.

  4. Early Music - I do this for work - and pleasure. I have only really read up about Italian and English early trumpet playing. I am sure that there is an awful lot left to investigate, and soak up.

  5. Cookery

  6. Finance and Account keeping. I am RUBBISH and make my self-employed tax return season a nightmare for myself. I know almost nothing about this topic.

  7. Plants - The science of plants is my boyfriend's speciality. It's something that really interests him, and I find that over the years it has been rubbing off on me. I used to politely pretend to be interested when he was showing me the 24 different types of grass that are growing in our lawn, and to tell me the minute differences between them. Now I am genuinely interested... for longer than I used to be.

  8. Gardening - I have a beautiful garden. I love it and wish that I looked after it better. Unfortunately we have so much rain, and I work so often at the weekend, that I do not get the inclination to garden as often as I should.

  9. Drawing/Painting... I'd like to be artistic.

  10. History.

  11. Geography. I didn't know Turkey neighboured Greece... We were looking at restaurants to go to next Wednesday (pay day!) and I read a Turkish menu that I thought was quite Greek-sounding. When I commented to my boyfriend he looked at me like I was a moron. I definitely need to brush up on my Geography.

  12. Sense of Direction. I'm not sure you can learn this. So I'll just wish I had a better one.

  13. Self-discipline. I should still be practising really.

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the108 said...

I think that's a great list of things to explore further. I would love to be multi-lingual, but just haven't gotten off my butt to actually learn anything. I should make that goal.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

wow! if you do all of this you will be a busy girl! good luck sweetie...

smiles, bee

Julie said...

Plants and music! YAY! Two more things we have in common!

OHohohoh! The scarf thingy in school..I made one too! I wrote about it on one of my very first blog entries too!

Bond said...

buy one of those hand held GPS devices and you will never get lost again... and you can put in directions and get right to Greece!

Travis said...

Now a GPS device is a great idea - then you don't have to bother with a sense of direction.

I like this list. The next thing to do is prioritize and get busy!

Anndi said...

I've always wanted to knit... and then I'd annoy everyone with scarves that are WAY too long!

TopChamp said...

the 108... I can do some sweary words in French, German & Welsh... does that make me multi-lingual??! You have plenty keeping you busy already!

Empress Bee- Hello.. good point. Maybe 1 thing at a time then.

Julie - I'll have to look that one up!

Bond - I had a birthday at the end of last month... guess what my folks bought me? TomTom for the car.

Trav - Prioritising is definitely the 1st thing to do!

Anndi - Good plan, stan! The scarf I have from schooldays is REEEEEEALLLY long, and doublesided so you can tuck the end in and wear it like a hat and a scarf in one. It's so cool.

Dragonheart said...

Great list! Those would all be interesting things to learn more about. My human mom can crochet, but she's never gotten the hang of knitting.

Nancy J. Bond said...

This is a very ambitious list! I sew, garden, and have dabbled in painting (my Dad is a gifted artist), and I'm with you on the sense of direction...I have NONE. :) Good luck in your pursuits!

Linda said...

Def. plenty to keep you busy there! Thanks for visiting my TT. :)

I visit the Black Isle when I come to the's where my family live.

I have two:

Aloysius said...

My ambitions are limited to catching little rodents, which I do fairly well, considering. But my human can sew and I've been trying to get her to make me a whole pile of catnip mouse toys. She likes early music, too. Can we listen to your music online anywhere?

She-Schenker said...

You sell yourself short. If you are a musician you ARE artistic. =))
Happy belated TT!

Just Me said...

A great list! I would like to know more about several of those things, too: Sewing, music, art, plants...

Thanks for stopping by my Thursday 13 last night!

Hope you have a great weekend!!