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Monday, February 18, 2008

Manic Monday - 2

Well I missed Dancing on Ice again by going out......

But this week I remembered to RECORD it. Yey! And it was amazing. Steve Backley was booted off - he was rubbish at skating so it's fair enough.

As I am a fan of Chris Fountain on this show (very important to make this distinction as I am most certainly NOT a fan of Chris Fountain actor on Hollyoaks) I will post you his dances so far starting with the most recent.

Handily (for Manic Monday easiness) Week two is my favourite dance. I think it's very pretty.

week 6

week 5

week 4

week 3

week 2

week 1

This last one isn't as clear - someone videoing their tv? Or taking a video and putting it on youtube. Not digital!

Having remembered to record this show, done the hoovering, and put a load of washing on I was feeling pretty good today... until I remembered (around midday) that I had agreed to go into the office today to help out as someone's on holiday.


I ummed and aah'd, tried to call my boyfriend to see what he thought but he didn't answer, then eventually plucked up courage and phoned my boss.

She was fine about it. PHEW.


Bond said...

I imagine this show will cross the ocean to America soon...

TopChamp said...

bond - let me know if it does. In the last two seasons they've had two broken ankles so I'm not so sure.

It is cool though - Impressive as I can't skate beyond circling 2 inches from the side (which I will grab the second I falter!)

Gattina said...

I never learned skating but I love to watch it ! this show looks really great !

Villager said...

Great MM Post! I'm not watching this show, however, it reminds me of the ABC Wide World of Sports and other shows that used to come on television with ice skaters. My mom would watch them everytime...

I struggled with this week's MM meme. Come visit if you have time or inclination.

peace, Villager

Jamie said...

That was impressive to watch. I wonder if the U.S. will get the ice version or at least Canadian TV or BBC America so that I can watch it on cable.

Linda said...

Interesting show, I'm sure it will come over here in some form or another before too long.

Two broken ankles?? Ouch!!

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Don't watch television at all, but enjoyed watching #2 and I did watch Chris Fountain. He did need to leave. Very well done. Have a great MM. :)

Akelamalu said...

Chris is a fabulous skater, he's done ice hockey though hasn't he? I thought Suzanne Shaw's routine was fantastic this week but the judges were arguing over her marks!

I thought Steve did remarkably well considering he's had a hip replacement! You wouldn't catch me on ice skates with my bionic knee. Great programme.

the108 said...

I wish I could do that.

Travis said...

I hate it when I forget to go to work.

We had that ridiculous Skating With the Stars had a couple of ringers but the rest didn't belong on skates.


Queenie said...

You won't make me feel any shame that I watch Holly oaks. Really enjoyed it again this week, I have no facilities to record it if I miss it, so have to wait for you or the repeat.