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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #27

Thursday Thirteen - 13 things I would buy if I had any money 2 days before payday! (which I don't obviously)

PETROL! Going to have to cash pennies in to pay for this perhaps.

Toy stuffing for brownies. Whilst this will come out of unit funds I can't actually buy it online without a credit card. Which means I have to pay and claim it back.

A black printer ink cartridge

Tinned tomatoes

Pesto or something easy like that

SHOES (always want shoes)


Washing up liquid

New glasses - I'm not feeling young and trendy with old specs on.

A new or a replated mouthpiece for my trumpet. I keep forgetting to send my mouthpiece off for replating at the beginning of the month and then I don't have the cash to do it at the end!

umm... a CD or two for my boyfriend

If the money was endless.... more jeans.... and tops. Clothes anyway.

Multicoloured felt - we're making teddy bears at Brownies after Easter.

Does the hub still exist? My browser can't find it. Prob gone months ago as I've not played since December! If not: I'll be round to join in reading and commenting tonight. Must go to work now (or ideally 5 minutes ago).


Gattina said...

I think you should buy a piggy bank first and rob it each end of months, then maybe you can buy all these things, lol ! But fill it in before !
I don't know what happens with the TT page, it doesn't load at all !

ANNA-LYS said...

I had to test it, even if I don't have a clue of what Thursday Thirteen is. I am not thirteen, OK occasionally I still am :-)

The Flying Monkeys said...

Great Thursday list, I enjoyed it very much! Hope my blog doesnt gross you out, bring a can of lysol over to read todays blog!

Anonymous said...

I knob tinned tomatoes.

Queenie said...

Great list, especially the shoes (Never have to many shoes).
The Brownie trip looked awesome, I so take my hat off to you.

jayedee said...

AMEN! lol

the108 said...

I need new glasses, too. My eyesight has gotten worse and now mine don't do much.

Monique said...

The things one wants when money is short eh? I'll put baked beans on that list, oh and bacon, you can never have enough of that.


The Guider said...

Great list! Saw your comment on my blog about Thinking Day - we had a challenge to the girls in our division this year, they were given a bottle of water and had to put as many coins in as possible, so no, not a donation, don't fret!

Travis said...

Now here's something odd. I heard the term "washing up liquid" on Idol last night. Simon said it and he explained that it was what y'all call dish washing liquid in Britain.

TopChamp said...

gattina - it's not a bad plan. We do actually do something similar to this so have a brownie promise box full of copper coins to cash in when we're really skint.

Ana lys - I know what you mean :)

Flying Monkeys - it was a bit gross but entertaining all the same

full body transplant - I've read your comment several times now.. chuckled every time.

Queenie - they enjoyed it.

Jaydee - Happy tt to you too.

The 108 - are spec's as expensive in America? Here it's going to cost around £200 quid.

Monique - if I had one bullet and bullets could remove all trace of a food from the planet... I'd use it on baked beans.

The Guider - PHEW! We had a competition to enter - each entry was 50p which I think was for the thinking day fund.

Trav - Do you guys say 'I'm going to go and do the washing up?'. That's what we'd say. Or more usually actually 'Oh b'llocks, I've forgotten to do the washing up again' in my case!

Sniz said...

Your blog is so popular. I was just looking at your little map that shows your hits. I have one too, but it's mostly Americans who visit me. I want to be diversified! BTW, spring's just around the corner. (I often like to remind myself of that fact! :-)) Tinned tomatoes! I love that! It sounds so much classier than canned tomatoes!