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Friday, February 22, 2008

New stuff in the world of Topchamp

OK.. well firstly: Thursday was a farce!

I arrived a good 5 mins late for work, to find my boss trying to decipher a complicated account that I had been involved with last week but that another colleague had taken over. Having heard the names when I put my bag down I expected that when she looked at me as if I were a complete idiot that I had done something particularly stupid with this account.

HOWEVER - her look of incredulity was actually due to the fact that I was there. At work. At all.

I had taken the day off as a holiday. DOH!

So having arrived I worked a morning, changed my holiday to a half day and left at lunchtime!

I got home and made a pincushion (which is something I did not have). I have no pins currently (which are something that should be on the TT list below really) but I have a big pack of needles that are getting a bit loose in their needle packet. So I have filled the pincushion with needles.

I like it - but will make it cuter if I do one again. If it hadn't been just for me I think I would have taken a bit more time over it.

OH! And I finished my hat. It has a weird bobbly bit which is the result of my deciding it was not long enough so trying to unravel it to start from before I started to reduce the knitting to the top... but I got it slightly wrong.

I quite like it all the same. Though I know it looks a bit daft. I think it'll have to be reserved for hair down days with no other accessories.
I would post you a picture, however having worn it to work this morning I seem to have mislaid it somewhere. Hopefully it is at work - if not it's gone as the only other place it could be is the bus. I only spent a month working on it.... to lose it in 1 day.


CountryDew said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry about the hat! I hope you have found it. What a lot of work to lose in such a manner!

Kyra Sutra said...

Voodoo chicken!!!

Could you make me a pincushion shaped like a penis?

TopChamp said...

countrydew - it's par for the course with me I'm afraid.

kyra - Just email me your address!

Akelamalu said...

You forgot you'd booked the day off? Are you mad? LOL

Sweet little pin cushion. Shame you lost the hat I would have liked to have seen it. :)

Monique said...

What some fun, coming in to work when it's your day off!

I like your needle (pin) cushion and I hope that you find your lost hat.

I'm going to link you to both my blogs as I like to keep in touch.

TopChamp said...

ak - Hopefully it's not gone for good!

Monique - What's your other blog? I will investigate x

Travis said...

I think that the need for a day off is particularly clear when you show up for work having forgotten that you took the day off.

Mrs Successful said...

Don't you get the feeling that you've got a lot going on at present and that your mind is in a quandry? It's all that talk about penis pincushions!!!. Hope it's not going to be used for voodoo purposes.