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Friday, February 01, 2008


tonight I went out with friends I have not seen for a while.

Over Christmas I get busy - and therefore did not keep in touch with friends as I usually would. However I met up with some friends tonight.

Both of my friends have had serious health concerns though.

One is in remission from cancer. The other has serious concerns regarding blood pressure.

And both are amongst my favourite people in the world.

I hope that if they read the blog they are not upset that I have posted this - it is VERY anonymous!

I am pleased for the first friend that she is doing ok just now - and I very much hope that she stays well for many years!

However the second worries me. I worry that she is not taking her health as seriously - and I would be devastated if anything bad were to happen to her.

So - my message today is: PLEASE make sure that you are well. If something small has been bothering you GET IT CHECKED OUT.

Look after yourselves x x x x x


Anndi said...

I'll keep your friend in my thoughts.
We worry so about friends, don't we.

And you look after your self too dear.

Travis said...

Remission is a good thing. Hopefully your other friend will have good news too.

Queenie said...

I do hope things go well for your friends, I'm sure knowing how much you care is a great tonic for them.

the108 said...

It's scary to be a human being. Anything could happen.

Julie said...

Yup...this is the only body we get and we really need to take care of it!