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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Sweeney Todd

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I am a VERY big fan of Johnny Depp. I am also a musician and a girl, so the thought of Johnny Depp in a musical was appealing to me!

It's not so appealing to boys though it seems.
I asked my boyfriend to go, and also our cinemabuddy (who signed up for the monthly pass when we did). Both were fairly keen.

The film starts with a loud, scary piece on the organ which sets the atmosphere. We're all in the cinema settling in for a good film. Then the orchestra play as a misty ship scene starts. And then the singing starts.

At which point I heard LOUD grumbling from the boy end of our seats. My friend is not a fan of musicals. He is also a big grump.

Oops - I thought. I had sort of forgotten that this was a musical in my excitement at the prospect of a Johnny Depp film. Shortly after this 'oops' thought my mind moved on to finding my friend's upset HILARIOUS. Which will of course have soothed the anger. Or not!

I loved the film. I liked most of the music. There were two big exceptions to this - a song that Sweeney's daughter sings, and the love song sung by the boy (who is in a teenage show here called 'Skins' I think). Othersies though I loved it, and thought that Johnny D & Helena Bonham Carter were fantastic. Also the very little boy was excellent.
(this is his song)

It is fair to say that I'm a scaredy-cat. It is a very gory film, and I closed my eyes for the bloody bits. I tried watching the first few but felt queasy so resorted to hiding my eyes for the rest. Even the sound though was grim... I'll wait til any of you who want to see it have seen it before I tell you what the grossest part was for me.

At the end of the film I placated my friend by taking him and my boyfriend to the pub where we consumed several pints of lager. When it was home time he was definitely happy again.

So there's my recommendation - go to see it. Then go to the pub. Perfect night!


Bond said...

I have heard this is a fun film and will have to check it our soon....glad you enjoyed even through your fingers!

Gattina said...

I love musicals but not so much as films and then I am allergic to Johnny Depp and if I imaginate that he sings, I go mad ! I hope he first took some lessons with his wife Vanessa, at least she has a very good voice !

Anndi said...

Musicals, Johnny Depp and a (couple of) pint(s)... lovely!

That boy's voice is quite beautiful.

the108 said...

I stole the screener for this and watched it here at the house in glee. I love Johnny Depp and HBC and Sacha Baron Cohen! I thought it was fantastic :-)

Anonymous said...

I adore this movie, if that's not too weird to say. I just watched it again today for about the 100th time! I loooove Johnny Depp and HBC is totally awesome. This movie can kick butt, I can say that with complete honesty. I love the music, and my friends and siblings (those old enoufgh at least) all sing the songs. 4 words... This, movie, is, SWEENEYTASTIC!!! <3