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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

On Valentines day my boyfriend and I take turns cooking each other a Valentines meal.

He started incredibly well some years ago cooking chicken stuffed with garlic mushrooms wrapped in bacon. Mmmm.

I followed this up the next year with roast pork with vegetables including tacky roasted red peppers cut into heart shapes.

The following years blur a little (sorry but it's true). I remember eating out at a posh restaurant serving incredible food which I was unable to taste due to a serious cold. Last year I used juniper berries he had got me as a present with some wine to make a nice sauce. I can't remember anything else about it though.

THIS year it's his turn again. Yesterday he told me the plan. Chinese food. Crispy seaweed (on its own)for starter followed by stir-fry.

I was pretty happy with this - it sounded interesting. However I did laugh at the idea of eating seaweed as a starter (although I know it's served in restaurants and from the takeaway shop).

It seems he took the laughter to heart - so he came home today with ingredients to make prawn spring rolls from scratch!

We have made them and they were SO much fun. I love this joint effort idea - one of us bringing something new and the other helping work out how to cook it.

Better still - I am now watching American Idol 2008 with a glass of sparkling wine while he cooks me a stir-fry. FAB!

Happy Valentines Day to you, my blogging friends x x x


Mimi Lenox said...

Happy Valentine's Day!

Middle Ditch said...

Crispy seaweed eh ... Mmmm ... That is sooo yummy ... My friend, a Tai girl, makes the yummiest spring rolls ... You have never tasted anything like it


Akelamalu said...

Sounds like your Valentines Day was scrumptious!

MWM makes prawn spring rolls, in fact he just made a huge batch which are idling in the freezer until we next have a stir fry.

Bond said...

I have used juniper berries for a reduction sauce with a beef tenderloin...yum o

happy valentine's day!

ANNA-LYS said...

Happy Valentine!

in response 2 Your comment:

Ohh a cyberian with an opposite opinion - I praise Your courage!

Can You please develop Your thought about anonymity from that interesting perspective You put forward by saying;
"/.../ I was surprised when someone I work with recognised me from my blog... somehow that seemed much more anonymous to me."
Thank You, very much indeed!!!

Middle Ditch said...

Today of all days my friend, the Tai girl, had made twelve spring rolls for me and I ate them all.

Thanks for visiting and leaving such a lovely comment.

TopChamp said...

middle ditch & AK - I am envious of your access to decent spring rolls!

Much as I appreciated my boyfriend's efforts I will admit I have tasted better spring rolls in my time.

Bond - sounds delicious. I used them up making venison casseroles over the past year (and by spilling a LOT of them).

Annalys - mm... it interested me as a topic.

TopChamp said...

mimi - nice to see you!

His Girl Friday said...

hey, this is a great idea...maybe I should suggest this to him inside....hmmm, why do I think his response will be 'take out' ;)
(he actually makes a great Louisiana style Creole Blackened Fish...I get to enjoy it once about every four years! ;D)
...thanks for posting on my blog...I love rugby as well!...did ya see the photie on the side bar??) ;) 'viva la diferonce!'... ;)
(hopefully not too much...wouldn't want to offend :))

Mother of Invention said...

Great idea! I'd be happy just to go OUT for some Canadian Chinese Food!