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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Learning to Knit

I have been learning to knit since December.

I have so far COMPLETED a teacosy and two hats (one of which I have lost).

I have STARTED a scarf, a sock, fingerless gloves which have been REALLY difficult as the pattern doesn't work properly (not sure what I'm doing wrong) and it needs big wool which I couldn't find in John Lewis, a pretty pink and white hat - currently in Leeds with my sister after I forgot to bring it home with me.

I find it difficult to decide what to make. I want to make a scarf, but I have already tried this and got bored before the end.

I want to make socks but they're hard!

I want to make the gloves, but the first one I made was too big (I had enlarged the pattern after the guage was too small and I don't have any bigger needles). The second glove was too small. I deduce from this that I need to go somewhere in the middle but there's a bow in the pattern that I can't work out if I fiddle with the number of stitches.

I took a break from this to practise sewing stuff... and made some pincushions (including one for Kyra.. see below) but I think knitting's better as there's less mess involved.

I need suggestions (Kyra - I've got the penis warmer idea... just don't know how to make up patterns yet). Anything useful I can knit?


Mrs Successful said...

Hi TC - have you looked at this West End knittery? I think they'd help you out with all your questions.

Kyra Sutra said...

Knit a man's thong bikini. To match the penis warmer.

Middle Ditch said...

Knit yourself a bag! I've done that. it's easy. As wide as you want it and as big as you want it. Different colours wool and just a straight knit. Fold it, sew the sides together, line it, knit a strap, maybe some other decorative stuff, like fringes and hey presto you've got a bag nobody else has!

And if you want a flap, just fold it halfway.

Bond said...

Is Kyra giving that to Dean to remind him of her when he is gone?

TopChamp said...

Mrs S - I have looked and saw that they have sessions in a coffee shop which looked interesting. I have set my boyfriend up to come with me one night to see what it's about.

Kyra - now I know you don't even like thongs. There is a pattern for panties in the book I have.

Middle Ditch - Done. A bag it will be.

Bond - It's a pin cushion actually that I made her. Voodoo?

Akelamalu said...

What about a hot water bottle cover?

Or better still get a pattern for a plain sweater it will give you plenty to think about!

TopChamp said...

ak - I don't have a hot water bottle... but it might make a nice gift for my sister (who has heating problems in the house) and I can't manage fingerless gloves (which is essentially a tube with a bit of shaping) so a jumper might be a bit ambitious!

Travis said...

How about golf club covers?

Julie said...

Could you make a book cover? ...or what about a steering wheel cover?

I have NO clue where those thoughts came from.

I like Trav's idea IF you golf.