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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Brownies - Library Trip

Today is our library meeting day.

I must remember: That the time changed.
To go and sort out the hunt etc this afternoon.

Really hope they enjoy it!

Update - It was cool. I did the scavenger hunt... that occupied them for AGES. Then we worked on some elements of the booklover badge, showed them how to log onto the internet (using the Brownie website!) and then gave them free stuff the library dug out for them before letting them check out books and head home.

The library staff were great. The library inside was great. Outside, however, it looks so dodgy. My pack is not in the best part of town, and this was not a nice part.

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The Guider said...

Glad it was a successful trip, good on you for doing it. Now you'll have to see how many polish off that badge!