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Sunday, March 23, 2008


My little sister is staying this weekend. We've been out on the town and today I am cooking a slow roast pork joint.

The recipe is as follows:

Get a massive hunk of pork.
Peel and half loads of onions.
Lay the onions in a roasting tin.
Sit the pork on top.

Cook it at high for 40 mins, then reduce to 120degrees and cook it for as long as possible (literally 8 or 9 hours apparently).

I have never tried it before and currently my whole house reeks of onion. I am hoping the smell improves as it really isn't helping my hangover.

On a completely separate note we just watched the Canadian doubles figure skating team on telly, and they were BEAUTIFUL.


The Guider said...

ooh, we are having pork too - but mine is of the 90 mins at 180C variety!

Gattina said...

I can smell it until here !
I have been to the Peking Circus show yesterday in Brussels, it was absolutely great what Artists ! have a look if you have time !

Kyra Sutra said...

I love onions so I'd be in heaven!

Travis said...

GACK for the onions!

I hope the meal turns out to your liking.

Happy Day!

Bond said...

OOO please tell us how it turned out

Akelamalu said...

That sounds delicious I may have to try that recipe! :)

Anndi said...

**runs off to google the conversion into Fahrenheit**

Sounds yummy!

Nothing else? No other seasonings? That sounds easy enough!

TopChamp said...

hi Anndi - yup that was it. If you want crackling then you can salt the fat. But that'd be all.

The onions went all dark black/brown and sweet and juicy. Yum.

TopChamp said...

The Guider - definitely easier your way, and nice too.

This recipe was very good, but it meant I couldn't do the roast veg I'd have liked to do.

Gattina - definitely will come visit.

Kyra - so does my sister.

Trav - yum to the onions!

Bond - done (see next post!)

Ak - If you do, go out while it's cooking. It smelt. But then I was quite hungover so felt more delicate than usual.

Mother of Invention said...

Sounds delicious and I love onion!
Hope you had a Happy Easter!

Yeah, Canada has some pretty good skaters...yah, jeff B. on his Gold!