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Monday, March 03, 2008

Brownies - Library

Well again the guiders' forum came up trumps!

In a couple of weeks I am unable to use the Brownie hall again. We had no meeting last week because we couldn't use the church hall. This worked out ok because I had a gig and couldn't make it anyway. However in 2 weeks time we can't get in again and I'm aware that this will affect our continuity as a unit.

I would rather that we keep going all term than stop and start like this.

So I asked for suggestions for things we could do. I couldn't think of anything - I'm loaded with a cold and am working many hours for the next few weeks so have just been feeling sorry for myself.

Anyway - someone suggested we go to the Library. Which actually sounds like a great idea. So I'm going to try it - and see if the library go for the idea. Fingers crossed.

If not the other suggestions ranged from cinema etc (which costs money so we won't be doing it) to surveys at the supermarket (which we could do).


The Guider said...

Great idea to go to the library, we've done that too. Other places the girls have loved: behind the scenes at Sainsburys, the vet surgery was a MASSIVE hit, going for a walk to the play park.

Kyra Sutra said...

The library sounds like a great idea! Call ib advance and maybe they'll do something fun for the brownies!

Monique said...

Library sounds cool. How is the handbag knitting going?

Bond said...

Does it need to be indoors? is there a gardens you could go to and walk and discuss the flowers? is there a Zoo you can go to?

Just thinking

Sniz said...

So what does it mean to survey the supermarket?

TopChamp said...

guider - sainsbury's is VERY close to our hall.

kyra - I emailed them today. Phoning would have been better probably but I'm a chicken.

Monique - it is in it's conceptual stage just now...

Bond - it pisses down with rain here all the time. Particularly in winter but also through most of summer. So indoors is the key.

Sniz - there's a badge they can do called 'number fun'. Neither the girls nor I can really see the fun in doing maths at brownies but surveying AT the supermarket is one of the things you can do to get the badge.

Julie said...

For the survey you would just stand there and ask people questions? That would be fun providing the question was fun!

Travis said...

The library should go for it. Good luck!

TopChamp said...

julie - they are meant to think of five questions. I think you could MAKE it fun, but I don't think it's inherently fun.

Trav - cheers!