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Wednesday, March 26, 2008


hmm... well I had been concerned as our numbers were down last week. But I had thought hopefully it was a blip.

This week we were about 6/7 kids down again. When I think about it I know the reasons for most of them: One has been moved up a class in swimming and isn't sure what to do about it. For now she's doing swimming. Her friend has stopped coming too. One is away representing Scotland in cheerleading championships. Two haven't been for ages. One has started badminton on Tuesdays. So actually - there's only really one that has surprised me a little... and I'll see her sister tomorrow at Rainbows.

I think it's time to fill some spaces.


Travis said...

Sounds like some are getting to the age where they find other activities and drift off.

But I'm sure there are always more girls out there.

The Guider said...

check my blog, you won an award

Bond said...

What travis said

CountryDew said...

Hope you can recruit more!