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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #28

Thirteen times I have actually arrived at work on THURSDAYS.
1. 9.01
2. 9.04
3. 9.10
5. 9.16
6. 9.20
7. 9.03
8. 9.28
9. 9.17
10. 9.02
11. 9.13
12. 9.05
13. And the target time I have failed to achieve on a weekly basis? 9am!
You never know - maybe today's the day?


Gattina said...

This is the most interesting TT I have read so far this morning ! Do you want me to call you every day to get you up at time, lol ??

Anonymous said...

I am right there with you. I haven't gotten work done in weeks since discovering TT! ;)

Monique said...

Number one isn't too far of, is it?

Bond said...

ah hell...those are close enough

Travis said...

Anything within 10 minutes is on time.

Mrs Successful said...

There's 2 ways to look at this TC:
Better late than never


Better never late

the 1st is a workers point of view - the 2nd a boss's.

I'd opt for the first. xx

Monique said...

Happy Easter!

Episode twelve of Middle Ditch is posted

TopChamp said...

I was REALLY late this Thursday as loads of busses didn't stop.