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Sunday, March 30, 2008

It's a dilemma!

I am still grumpy.

A friend was meant to be coming for tea today. I have prepared all the vegetables for garlic roast lamb only to have him text to cancel.

This means that we are free to go to the pub quiz after all.

Which would normally make me happy, only I've geared myself up to a night in with good food and cheap wine. So now I'm feeling disgruntled and the quiz (which is a regular evening out for us) is completely unappealing.

I have dilemmas - please help me out!

Do I: Cook the roast (which I've prepared but not started to cook) just for the two of us or cook a ready-prepared stir-fry which is use by today?

Do I: Have a drink of gin and tonic to try to cheer up a bit or not drink so I can drive, making going out later less effort?

Ooh - thought of another one:

Do I: Go to stay with a friend of a friend after my gig next weekend then drive home with a colleague who lives in Glasgow too, or let him stay with his friend and make his own way home, and drive myself back home the same day?

In case you want more information to make this choice for me - the gig is a 2hr drive away, the friend of a friend is OK but I don't particularly want to stay with him, and the colleague who lives in Glasgow is the friend who cancelled on me today.


Travis said...

Perhaps make the roast while sipping on a nice gin & tonic, and decide later whether you feel like going to the pub quiz?

Turnbaby said...

I guess it depends on whether you'll have a good day to cook the roast tomorrow-

Bond said...

cook - drink - stay

Kyra Sutra said...

I say bring yourself, the lamb and the cheap wine on over here :-)