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Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I went for:

1. Cooking the roast. After an hour of cooking (not a big joint) I found that the bottom tray containing spuds and parsnips was not cooked but the roast on the top shelf was lovely.

The bottom element on the cooker has gone. We ate pasta in the end though and I cooked the vegetables today to have with the reheated lamb.

In the disposable culture spirit I am going to buy an oven on Wednesday.

2. I had a gin and tonic. Followed by a rum with fruit juice. Then I went out to the pub quiz where we came 7th out of loads.

3. As to the gig - my boyfriend is off work that weekend so after my gig I have booked us bunks in a youth hostel as it's £42 for 2 nights for both of us. I'm quite excited. My colleague will get a train home after staying with his friend.

Thanks for your help x


Travis said...

Sounds like good choices all around.

Mother of Invention said...

At first I read it as "GRIN and tonic"!! maybe that's an apt name! LOL!