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Friday, April 11, 2008


The insurance covers me and all I have to do is drop it into the shop to be mended. That sounds easy enough. If they can't mend it I get a new one.

I can't save all my stuff off it though- because I can't turn it on so I'll need to query that when I take it tomorrow.

Currently my boyfriend and his sister are watching Glasgow Warriors play Edinburgh. I didn't want to go. We used to be regular fans of the Warriors until they moved to Firhill. Now I'm not as interested as it's nothing like the immediate experience it was. I don't need a seat on a riser- I want to be able to hear the thuds and almost touch the players (mm... love the rugby thighs) huddling around the pitch wearing a hat and scarf, with a beer in my hand.

Hopefully they're having fun anyway. I have to go to buy some booze now before I go and pick them up so we can start to consume the booze.

His sister wants to watch a film that I know he will HATE and I'm quite tempted to buy it for my own entertainment. Regardless of how much I like the film, watching him tut and humf will make me chuckle!


Mrs Successful said...

I fancied going to Firhill tonight, but was in my pj's for 6.15pm. The best-laid schemes o' mice an 'men gang aft agley! Sometimes women too.

Enjoy your film.

Travis said...

Let's hope the repair folks can save your files.

TopChamp said...

Mrs S - PJ's by 6.15 sounds like a great evening to me!

Trav - Mmm. It's the music ones in particular that I really don't want to lose. Downloads and arrangements for school.