one step at a time.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


The power cable has stopped working again. And we have visitors just now (my Mum til Thurs, then my boyfriend's sister til Sunday, then my friend).

So I will catch up with the things I have been saving (awards and memes) hopefully asap.

Off to claim on my laptop insurance!


CountryDew said...

Hope you enjoy your visitors and get that computer fixed. Nothing more aggravating than a broken 'puter.

Middle Ditch said...

Good luck with the insurance.

Bond said...

have fun and good luck

Travis said...

Drat on that power cable!

Enjoy your visit!

Maryam said...

What a pain and just when the company shows up!

TopChamp said...

everyone: The whole broken computer thing is rubbish. MUST get round to taking it into the shop this weekend though.