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Sunday, April 20, 2008


It was a busy weekend. The wee man has just left - and I am a bit sad because he is fantastic and very entertaining.

When the wee man woke up on Saturday morning he spotted a jigsaw train toy in my living room. He played with that for a bit after he got dressed, then at about 11 we went for coffee with my friend's cousin, his wife and a great aunty and uncle. We went into the french Patisserie, I had a chocolate croissant which was huge but delicious, he had a chocolate cake (shared with his mum).

Then we walked up to the Botanic Gardens. They have just done up the Kibble Palace (a very big circular glasshouse in Glasgow) so we had a look around there.There is a wishing pond full of fish.

We had a race (anounced a draw by the wee man although I personally believe I was the winner) after which we headed up to the swings to play. Then we walked back the loopy way and headed off for lunch.

This bit won't sound fun, but it was cool (honest!). We went for lunch in Morrisons cafe because we were having a birthday party for my friend and needed some shopping. Her son wanted to get some party blowers but there weren't any so we bought bubble mix and blowers instead. He was most excited when I suggested we surprise his mum with some fairy cakes (from a mix). He chose some farm cakes and princess cakes. When I said we had to hide them I meant put them behind his back til we reached the trolly... but he tried to shove them up his little jumper! He chose magic candles that relight and jumped up and down in his excitemement, making me laugh a lot!

We headed home then and played in the garden for a bit with the bubbles and a frisbee. I put Shrek on while people arrived at the party (all 3 of them). We had some party food before bedtime for boy. Then the grown ups drank wine and chatted. It was a fairly early night - the last guest left at half 10. We carried on chatting and had a midnight feast with some more party food. I went to bed late!

The wee man is really clever - amazing actually - and said some cracking things over the weekend. Mrs S in comments on my last post left a description of a four year old which is strikingly accurate. He is very inquisitive, and his imagination is great. He certainly asks a lot of questions and he is soaking up information just now.

I told him a silly rhyme this morning because he asked the time when it was ten to nine. He asked me to repeat it just once.

Then I heard him chuckling to himself in the living room as he recited:
"What's the time? Ten to nine. Hang your knickers on the line,
When they're dry, bring them in. Put them in the biscuit tin,
Eat a biscuit eat a cake. Eat your knickers by mistake!"


Mrs Successful said...

Fabulous! hahahahahahahahaha.

Akelamalu said...

Aren't they just the best? The wee one sounds very quick. What a lovely time you had.

Monique said...

He sound like a lot of fun and what a wonderful day you had. That rhyme made me laugh out loud!

Middle Ditch thirteen is posted. Maybe he likes that, maybe not. You never know.

CountryDew said...

Sounds like you've had a wonderful time with the young one! Make you want one of your own?

Travis said...

The wee man sounds delightful!

Bond said...

how much fun did you have! So happy your weekend was a joy.

Julie said...

Awww how fun! I'm happy for you!

Sniz said...

How sweet he sounds! I'm glad you had such a good time with him!
TTYS - Sniz