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Tuesday, April 01, 2008

FUN night

It was cool in the end!

Do you often find that anticipation of something you are a bit scared of often turns out to be far worse than when you do the job?

I was allocated the singing in a Brownie fun day when I missed a division meeting (due to gigs). It is invariably the case that if you miss a guiders division meeting you will end up with the duff job.

Given that I have a lot on the go most of the time - working 6 different bits of jobs and playing too - I had not taken time to really think about this night in advance. I read the email telling me I was doing singing, replied to say OK, asked who the other leader doing it was. I received a reply telling me she helped in the unit we are going on pack holiday with, and the commissioner would give her my contact details so we could sort it out but I did not receive any contact from her. This didn't worry me as I put the whole thing to the back of my mind as I was working a lot.

TODAY I wondered whether she might print off song sheets or whether I ought to do it. I decided I would as it is better to be safe than sorry. This turned out to be right, as she assumed that I would organise it and she would help me.

I wrote up sheets for: Cuddly Koalas, Penguin Song, Teddy Bears Picnic, Animal Fair, Alice the Camel and Found a Peanut (which I loathe but my Brownie pack adore). I put pictures on them and printed 10 copies off.

When I arrived I found out the plan. POSSIBLY it might have been better to have had the plan before I arrived there. Oh well - guiders are used to winging it!

There were 87 girls from Glasgow West division. They split them into groups of 20ish and had activities planned that they would do in rotation.

There was craft: Teddy Bear pictures - lots of glue and tissue paper. Mess is always popular.

There were parachute games: Outside activity - worked well til it rained 20 mins before the end.

There were indoor games: Normal ones we do at Brownies - didn't really hear what was going on but the girls looked like they were having fun.

There was singing: This bit I have been helper at before when the songs were a bit dull and the kids weren't inspired. I picked songs with actions, and mostly songs that had dancing around or that involved looking silly. It seemed to go down really well - I was quite chuffed.

One of the girls from another pack came over at the end to say thank you to me (appreciation always makes you feel good) and two packs asked for copies of the sheets to take back to their units.

Overall I had a lot of fun. All of my unit turned up, with the exception of a few who have been absent recently - I had 2 more girls there than last week which was fab!

I am shattered now though. It probably won't shock you to hear I'm tucking into my second LARGE glass of wine and am relaxing in the flat. I just finished a hot water bottle cover I have been making for a couple of days as a housewarming gift so now it's time to watch Law and Order before bed.


Travis said...

And a good time seemed to be had by all. Enjoy that wine now.

Webcam said...
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Hazel said...

hi, first time here. have a nice day

The Guider said...

Good on you, and well done for printing out those sheets just in case!

Always nice to be thanked, isn't it!

CountryDew said...

Sounds like a great event, good for you. You have a great attitude about it and that surely goes a long way.

the teach said...

Good for you! Law and Order and a nice glass of wine is my kind of relaxation! :)

Monique said...

You deserve a good rest now. More wine please