one step at a time.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

I have just rescued the cat from potential death by spare rib bone. He has left the house in disgust, the ungrateful wretch.

This afternoon I have off. I have no gig, no teaching. So I now can choose whether to prepare for Brownies toymaker badge(have stuff to get them), to make the charts up for Brownie camp, to knit, to practise the trumpet or to do the journal project I'm really behind with.

I like that I pretty much put them in reverse order of importance subconsciously.

At the moment the knitting option is winning. Either that or sleeping as I think I need to do something to shift my cough. Three weeks is a ridiculous duration for a cold, particularly without the other cold symptoms you usually get.


TopChamp said...

I voted no for my poll coz I hate doctors.

Catherine said...

well I voted yes...look after yourself mate! x

Anonymous said...

Why not ask the pharmacist? I voted to go to the doc but know I wouldn't! Most pharmacists are pretty good (sometimes better!)

Travis said...

Three weeks is a long time to have a cough. Don't let it go too much longer.

As for the things to do on your day off...I say do what makes you happy!