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Friday, April 11, 2008


The laptop issue is unresolved because I have forgotten about it and not phoned the insurance yet.

Otherwise - Mum got home safely yesterday. She had a lousy journey up here, standing for much of the way. You'd think SOMEONE would have offered their seat.

On Monday we didn't do a lot - made some tea then headed out for a few drinks in the West End. It was fun.
Tuesday was a clear morning and we drove out to the mountains for a bit of a walk. We picked a 5mile route which was pretty easy, apart from a short almost vertical stretch where they have cut big steps into the side of the hill.

So after crippling ourselves climbing we headed off to do some sightseeing before coming home. The day finished with a curry in Balbirs - which turned out to be lovely!

Wednesday morning brought a trip to the Kelvingrove art gallery/museum. I've been there loads of times and it's a good filler - interesting too. After that I had a brownie meeting so we came home where ma & boyf relaxed for a bit. For tea we had roast chicken and veg. After dinner we played scrabble. I am a really bad loser.

Wish I could blog it all daily - that would be better and I'd be able to write in proper English rather than racing now as I have to be at work at 9.

I've tried to pop round to see everyone but most of my browsing had to be done on the sly through google reader rather than this morning - will come round again when I can comment too.


Turnbaby said...

I hope your mom recovered from the car trip ;-)

Bond said...

sounds like a fun call the insurance company

Travis said...

It's too bad nobody gave up a seat. But at least y'all had a good visit.

TopChamp said...

Turn - she's fine. Seems to have enjoyed her visit.

Bond - DONE! But I have to take it into the shop... that isn't done yet.

Trav - It's a tricky one. I suppose it depends how busy the train was and how far one could have moved had they vacated their seat. It is a long journey.