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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Small Changes

This week is feeling weird because I swapped my teaching in Edinburgh day to a Tuesday instead of a Wednesday.

So I spent yesterday feeling muddled up.

Today ought to be Thursday. But it isn't.


Bond said...

things like that can screw with your whole week

Travis said...

Well, I'm thinking with the time difference between where I am and where you are that it may just be Thursday by now!

Sniz said...

Do you teach all summer or do you have a break?

TTYS - Sniz

TopChamp said...

Sniz - nah - I stop for the school holidays. I stop my private teaching then too as it's too much effort in holidays. People cancel lessons at the last minute coz they have plans (like going away or to the seaside etc) and I get narky. The kids don't like learning as much coz they're on holiday and I get narky.

We all need the break!