one step at a time.

Friday, April 18, 2008


My friend is staying this weekend with her son. He's four.

I'd forgotten how cool he is. This weekend will be fun!


Mrs Successful said...

Age 4! Fearful of the dark and monsters; is energetic, imaginative, asks a lot of questions and is willing to try new adventures... sounds just like your!!!!!

TopChamp said...

Mrs S - DEFINITELY asks a lot of questions.... I'm hoping we can go to the park or to Mugdock castle today but it's up to his mum. I think she favours the Transport museum or Kelvingrove.

The Guider said...

Four year olds are fabulous! Mine loves Mugdock Castle and loves the transport museum (has it moved yet?) but isn't so keen on Kelvingrove though my 9 year old loves it there.

My granddad's name is on a board in the transport museum because he was very big at Scott Lithgow shipyard in Greenock.

Travis said...

It's been some time since I spent any time around a 4 year old.