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Thursday, April 03, 2008


For those who don't know - I am a musician. Music is part of everything for me. If I watch a movie, I'll probably like it more for the music than the content. Certainly - if the music is great - I'll be kinder to a poor plot line.

I sing in my head all the time.

Since Tuesday (Brownie) night I have had serious insomnia caused by incessant stupid kiddie songs floating around my head. It drove me nuts.

That has now passed.

I love the power that music has to move me. Somebody asked recently when was the last time MUSIC had moved me to tears? The point of the question was to suggest that music enhances our emotions, and that we use music to enhance emotions we are feeling. For example: If we are feeling sad we might either put on songs we know make us happy. Or we might put on a song that makes us feel sad. And in the latter case - the tears are from our own emotion rather than emotion caused by music.

I am not sure about this. If I'm caught unawares music genuinely can move me to tears... easily. I am watching a French film - The Sea Inside. When I say I am watching the film, I really mean that the film is playing on the TV while I am blogging and chatting online. HOWEVER music started a moment ago that made my heart twist. And it got me thinking.

I love all sorts of music. And narrowing down the bits that move me particularly is very hard.

On this theme - has anyone played or sung Dream of Gerontius?


Travis said...

I don't know the piece you mentioned.

But I can say that there are pieces of music that can make me stop in my tracks when I hear them.

Hazel said...

hi, thanks for dropping by.mind to exchange link. Have a nice day!"

Anonymous said...

Yes I know that piece well.

Sung the alto line several times and the tenor line once or twice too!

I can be moved to tears from music too :)

*waves from across the country*

Sniz said...

No, but I want to now. The New World Symphony always affects me so strongly and the theme music from the movie Titanic. I know what you is very emotional for me too.