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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Easter stuff Night One

Tonight went well.

The girls enjoyed drawing stuff on BIG bits of paper. Ok so our plan to beat the crafty genius of the Rainbows didn't quite pan out but we are not yet defeated. Our second strategy is brewing.

The Easter nests were cool. Recipe:
Melt loads of chocolate.
Mix in as much shredded wheat as you can - making sure the mixture is not too dry (or it'll set funny)
Dollop it onto baking paper and shape into nest-like piles.
Squish in mini eggs.
Leave to set! (as if that'll happen - they took them home and I suspect most of them will disappear on the way to the car)

We had time to do the egg and spoon racing (using cadbury's cream eggs and a teaspoon in a tag-team format).

During the pow-wow I brought up the library and the idea of a scavenger hunt. They loved the idea.

We then had a few minutes for singing. They chose Found a Peanut again. I really need to teach them some new songs!!

Overall though they were all really happy tonight and seemed to have fun. Flatteringly when they asked if I was coming on Brownie camp with them (of course I am!) they cheered at the 'yes'.

Oh - I got a new trumpet mute today too which I have spent some time playing with. It gives you a twenties sound... To me this is fun!


Travis said...

A trumpet mute? Is that one of those things that goes over the bell of the horn and then you can play with the sound?

Congrats on another successful Brownie evening.

TopChamp said...

Trav - Yup that's a mute. More often they stick into the bell as this one does. They can be a blessing and a curse. Sometimes a composer writes LOADS with mute in just because they want quiet playing, and I play along wishing I could take the mute out. Other times it's an effect and sounds cool so it's no hassle.

CountryDew said...

That sounds like a very fun evening with your girls. I always enjoyed hearing muted trumpets when I was in band; I thought they sounded very cool.

the108 said...

I'm going to have to make those nests with the kiddos!

Bond said...

EXCELLENT on the mute...I love that sound...

Queenie said...

It was never that much fun when I was in the Brownies. You deserve to have some fun, so enjoy your mute.

Monique said...

I am going to make those nests when my daughter (who LOVES great cooking ideas) comes home at Easter from Coventry.

Dave said...

Now THERE's a great idea for Easter!! I will just have to use it! Thanks! :-)

TopChamp said...

countrydew - I love trumpets...

the 108 - they are YUMMY.

Bond - I am taking some jazzy stuff on tomorrow night. Not my thang really.

Queenie - I am! I think they enjoyed it. Next week I'm off but we have easter egg decorating (bought these wind-up plastic eggs) and card-making planned.

Monique - Let me know how you get on! I want some for me but there wasn't quite enough. The mum helper got one which was good.

dave - hope you have fun too!

Julie said...

Grrrr I made a comment here days ago! I said something about "Oh, cool nest idea! I wish my kids were younger and we would make them."

I did! I really did!