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Sunday, March 30, 2008


I thought I should say I'm back to normal and thank you for your well wishes.

We went out last night for a few beers and ended up in a curry place having a buffet. I then met a friend and we headed home, where inevitably we chatted for far too long and went to bed very late.

Before bed I asked my boyfriend NOT to leave in the morning without either making sure I was up (to do this myself) or getting stuff I needed out of the car. The stuff was actually a waterproof jacket and my normal coat.

When I woke up I looked around the house for my coats. Nada.

Grr. So rather than preparing for the day I had to get two buses to Paisley to meet him and retrieve my coats. I took the car home, which we had been trying to avoid as I was going to a day out at the Brownie campsite and wasn't sure I'd be back in time to pick him up for work. By this point I felt fine about this situation, as he'd taken the coats despite my emphasizing the importance of the waterproofing for campsite days. His own damned fault.

The Brownie day then started off badly. I was only taking a couple of kids but they both turned up without wellies, and one had no coat. Long story, which I'll save for tomorrow.

It picked up though and despite getting very very very wet and pretty cold the girls had fun and they sang all the way home on the bus.

Overall though I am now satisfied after a lovely glass of G&T, but am shattered so will head off to bed. See you tomorrow.


Travis said...

I'm sorry you were unwell, but glad you're feeling better.

Wellies = water proof boots, yes?

Turnbaby said...

It's like they never hear what we are saying sugar. Sleep well.

Gattina said...

Interesting raincoat story ! Today I don't need one for once the sun is shining in Brussels !

TopChamp said...

trav - aye, wellies = waterproof boots. Can't believe you don't call them wellies though as it's one of my favourite words.

turn - grrr. Still he bought me gin to say sorry. Can't argue with that apology.

Gattina - sunshine? I am immediately envious.

CountryDew said...

Sounds like a rough day!

Sniz said...

Here in America's midwest state of Indiana, we've had rain and more rain. Oh. And lots of mud. Not having a waterproof coat and wellies (I love that word too, although we don't use it here) and being outside would be horrible.

TopChamp said...

countrydew - it was quite a satisfying day but also very tiring.

Sniz - there's a pond in my garden where we started to lay a patio. It wasn't horrible - I have made it sound bad coz I was knackered and a bit moody.