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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Brownies Swimming Trip

Tonight is our last Brownie meeting of the term.

The girls get to choose an end of year outing - and this year there was no getting out of it: They ALL wanted to go swimming.

As I only have me and an assistant guider as grown-ups in the group, I have enlisted the help of a couple of Guides. The Guides are fab - one used to be a Brownie in my pack. The other was probably a Brownie there before I started, although I'm not sure.

So they've been allocated swimmers to mind and the girls are paired into swimming abilities with a Buddy. I've checked out the manual and the rules are straightforward.

I also plan to give them a ball and to keep them in the wave pool anyway so that'll minimise stress for AG and me! By the time they've got changed and ready for swimming there won't be TOO long in the pool if they want juice and a biscuit afterwards.

The thing that makes me a little nervous is that the pool isn't one I know - and I haven't been able to get to check it out first as I've had a LOAD of work commitments. I didn't do my gig last Wednesday so I could be at the 'Rainbows going up to Brownies' party, so couldn't really afford to miss any more!

I'll get there early tonight. I have phoned them already but will phone them again this morning just to remind them we're coming.

Please keep your fingers crossed for us!!


The Guider said...

Are you able to buy some ribbon today? if so, buy some really bright yellow ribbon and get them to tie a bow on their shoulder strap, makes them easy to see among other kids.

Bond said...

have a ton o' fun.....

you are special to do this for these young girls

TopChamp said...

Guider - thanks, I'll try to do that or something similar!

Bond - honestly I'm nervous.

Anndi said...

When they grow up, those girls will remember just how special you were to them.

Have fun, everything will be fine.


TopChamp said...

Anndi - hope so. They're pretty good kids generally!

Travis said...

Don't be nervous! I'm sure you'll do just fine.