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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Today - Party! (birthday not actually til monday)

I got some cards today - woo hoo! (exciting) Thank you if you are reading.

So far we have:

Baked cake
Washed up
Cleaned up
Mowed lawn
Strimmed weedy bit
Been to supermarket
Been to DIY store (for replacement gazebo, as it is very likely we'll get rain although it's holding off just now)
Played some Super Mario Galaxy
Listened to the radio
Decorated cake

It's now 1pm. 2 hours til kick off. I might just clear the washing up if it's dried and then pour myself a glass of wine.

Then I'll decorate the other cake - we burnt the first one so I made a replacement - and post you some pictures x


Akelamalu said...

I guess you'll be mid party now? I hope you're having a fantastic time!

Travis said...


**tosses confetti & flaming walnuts**

Julie said...

Wow! You are the busy gal today! Good for you! I really like your little meez trumpeteer! Very cool!