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Monday, June 16, 2008

Sacked it!

Well on the advice of Mr V Bond (who pointed out taking a break's important) I took a break. The accounts are still not done.. but they're REALLY NEARLY THERE and I'll deliver them tomorrow morning.

Yesterday afternoon as my boyfriend and I had an afternoon followed by a morning off we went away with the tent. It was beautiful - and we relaxed! We spent the night in a pretty mountain area within 10 mins drive of the seaside. There was a restaurant by the sea where I had the days catch of mackerel for tea and boyf had a salmon fishcake salad thing. We just headed back to the tent after that but found there were too many midges to sit outside. Instead we played cards in the tent and had an early night.

So now I feel much more able to face my responsibilities - back on track.


Bond said...

Breaks are always worthwhile

Glad you had a restful one

The Guider said...

Good on you!

Annelisa said...

I hope you cooked those books on the campfire!! :-)

Hiya sweetie! I'm still not blogging (as you saw today) but I'm missing everyone. The problem is, if I go back to say hi to one person, then I feel you ought say hello to all, and then you don' anyone :-S But today I'm making an exception. My life is a laugh a minute...not! But it goes on...

I'll be back eventually. I feel it in my bones. But, in the meantime, Big hugs to you XX

Travis said...

Excellent! A break was just what you needed to recharge.

TopChamp said...

Bond - cheers!

Jen/guider - Indeed. Phew. Knackered now though!

Annelisa - I am so pleased you popped by. I miss you but I know you have plenty of real life stuff going on! Whether you come back to blogging or not keep in touch x

CountryDew said...

Breaks are very good! I hope you found yours restful.